Android Camera Freezes

More Information

With the release of Android 5.0 (Lollipop) came an operating system issue that can lock up your devices camera if you leave the application running for extended periods of time.

  1. If you have a device running 4.0 - 4.4.4, you will not be effected.
  2. If you have a non-Android device (such as a Blackberry or Kindle), you will not be effected.
  3. From our tests, it appears that newer devices running the latest version of Android are not effected.  (Tested on a Nexus 10 running Android 6.0).

Does this effect me?

The issue occurs when the camera has been running constantly (usually about a day).  Because TimeClock constantly leaves the camera running, it is effected.  The only way to determine if your device is effected by this bug is to run the application.  After a few days of using TimeClock, if everything is still working, you are likely not effected.  If your camera is frozen or choppy and you cannot run the 'Camera' application that comes pre-installed on the device, you are effected.  The camera on the device will not be functional until you restart the device.  Here are some tips to help the issue if it is not in your budget to buy a tablet that is confirmed to run the application without problem:

  • The person who leaves the office last should close the application to prevent leaving the camera on overnight.
  • The person who comes in first in the morning must reopen the application.
  • If the camera does freeze, you will need to restart the device.
  • Turn the screen off manually when not in use.

We apologize about the issues.  We wish there was a more elegant way to solve the problem.

If you have any questions or would like a recommendation for a cheap-tablet that can run the application, please contact us!

The Google team has confirmed that this is an Android bug, but even after 1 year it is still not resolved.