How do Automatic Status Updates work on the Windows desktop app?

The purpose of the Automatic Status Updates on Desktops is to detect when you are at your PC and when you are not.  If you walk away from your PC, you will be marked OUT and you will be marked IN when you return. To use Automatic Status Updates, you must belong to a role that grants you permission to manage your own current status.

Simple In/Out uses the UserPresent and UserAway triggers build into the Windows operating system.  We are unable to control the timeout of these events.  They happen every couple of minutes and are triggered by the operating system.  So, when you leave your computer idle for a couple of minutes it will check you OUT and it will check you IN when you return.

My Status Never Changes -

Unfortunately, there are a variety of problems that come with the presence detection in Windows.  We have tested the application on several devices and here is what we have found:

Your status WILL be automatically updated if:

  1. You leave your computer idle for ~5 minutes.
  2. You let your computer go into sleep mode due to inactivity.
  3. The PC hibernates.

Other scenarios are NOT guaranteed to automatically update your status.  There are several different reasons this could happen, such as: the PC shutting down before the status update is made, the PC turning off its WiFi before the status update is made, or the status update not getting sent to the server before the device sleeps.  You will find these inconsistent results in the following scenarios:

  1. You put your computer to sleep manually.
  2. You restart your computer.
  3. You turn off your computer.
  4. If on a laptop, you close the lid. (You can set your computer to hibernate instead of sleep to get this to work).
  5. You press the power button. (You can set your computer to hibernate instead of sleep to get this to work).
  6. You logout or lock the computer.

Lock Screen Error -

If you are getting an error when trying to turn on Auto Updates, you must be running Windows 8.  On Windows 8, we are required to be a lock screen approved application in order to detect your presence.  You must add our application to the lock screen to get it to work.  Here are the quick and easy steps.