What are the available themes on Simple In/Out TV?

Themes will change the background image on the board.

We provide 3 default background images that you can choose from.  If you want to provide your own background image on the board, you can do so.  All you need to do is provide the URL to an image and that image will appear as the background on the board.  It may be tedious to type the URL using the TV remote but you should only need to do this once.

You can also provide a company logo that will appear at the top of the board in place of your company name.  This is done via the website by an Administrator through the company settings.

Apple TV:

When using the custom URL, the image location will need to be hosted on a TLS 1.2 or later site or the link may not work. Most modern websites use the correct SSL certificate, but if the image does not show, this may be something to look into. The background image does need to be the correct size as well. We do not scale the image, so be sure to use an image 1920x1080 to fit correctly.