Reprogram RadBeacon USB

This article will assist you with reprogramming your RadBeacon USB purchased from Simple In/Out. This may be helpful if you want to add another Beacon to an existing Beacon you already have to extend coverage.

To reprogram a hardware Beacon you will need the free RadBeacon app from Radius Networks. It is available on  iOS, Android, or Mac OS X. You will also need to be on the Administrator role for access within the Simple In/Out app.

  1. Unplug any Beacons that may be in range of your device used to reprogram. This is to avoid reprogramming the wrong Beacon. All RadBeacon USB hardware have a 30 minute lockout that prevents tampering and will make them unavailable until powered off and back on.
  2. If you already have a UUID you want program into your Beacon, you can skip to step 5.
  3. If you already have a Beacon set up inside Simple In/Out (these can be created by purchasing a Beacon from us or via the FrontDesk app) you can navigate to the Beacon you are trying to add the hardware to. It will be located under Settings -> Automatic Status Updates -> Beacons.
  4. Tap on the Beacon to open the detail screen. There will be a phone icon in the middle of the screen. Tap on this 4 times quickly. It will present an alert with the UUID while also copying the UUID to your clipboard for later use.
  5. Open the RadBeacon app (either iOS, Android, or Mac).
  6. Plug in the Beacon you want to reprogram.
  7. Start scanning for Beacons. You can pull to refresh the list on the mobile apps or press the start scanning button in the Mac app.
  8. The Beacon should show in the list. It will be called RadBeacon USB or SIO Beacon. Tap on it to select it if it isn't already selected.
  9. Paste the UUID over the existing UUID. It should match the one you copied from step 4.
  10. Apply changes. The apply button will be under the Actions menu or be a button on the Mac app.
  11. Enter pin code when prompted for the code. The pin code is all zeros, 4 or 8 depending on your firmware version. You should get a message that the changes were saved correctly.
  12. Open the Simple In/Out app and navigate to the Beacon page for the Beacon you just programmed.
  13. Enable the Beacon, you should see the text change to Beacon in Range letting you know that the Simple In/Out app can see and communicate with the Beacon. You have successfully reprogrammed your Beacon.
  14. Repeat steps 2 - 13 for any remaining Beacons you want to reprogram.

If you don't have any Beacons or are bringing your own (not RadBeacon USB) you may contact us for additional support. As a note, we do not support any changes to the Beacon that modify advertising rate or advertising power. These should be set to Max at all times. Major and Minor values are not used within Simple In/Out at this time.