What are Scheduled Statuses?

Scheduled Statuses allow users to update their Simple In/Out status in the future. A scheduled status update resides and can be viewed by selecting a user from the board and then viewing their future statuses (if you have permission). When the time comes, Simple In/Out automatically updates the user to that status and comment, then sends any necessary Push Notifications (if your plan supports this) and Web Hooks.

All Scheduled Statuses, when applied, will appear to come from "Scheduler" (as opposed to Simple In/Out iOS, TimeClock, etc). This is how you can determine how the user updated their status.

A Word on Permissions

Users that belong to a role that allows them to manage their own Scheduled Statuses can set Scheduled Statuses for themselves. Users that belong to a role that allows them to manage the Scheduled Statuses of others can add/remove Scheduled Statuses from any other user in the organization. All users can see their own Scheduled Status updates. Only users in a role that permits the user to view Scheduled Statuses of others may see other user's Scheduled Statuses.

If you wish to change this, Administrator users can change existing roles or create a new role with the permissions they are after and assign users to that role. Administrators may also disable the Scheduled Statuses feature entirely via the Company Settings. This is accessible to administrators on simpleinout.com by clicking Settings in the upper right, followed by Company Settings on the left.

Scheduling a Status

To schedule a status update for yourself, simply click the calendar icon on the right above to the Update Status button. This calendar icon appears if you have the permission to create Scheduled Statuses. Clicking this will display a small dialog showing any and all statuses you have scheduled. The bottom of this dialog contains the controls to add a Scheduled Status. This includes whether the status will be "in" or "out", a comment, and the date/time of the future status update. Clicking the 'Schedule' button will place this on your schedule.

To schedule a status update for someone else, you'll need to have permission to update other user Scheduled Statuses. If this is true, click the user you wish to update on the board. A dialog will appear showing their contact information, and there you'll click the Scheduled Statuses tab to display the user's Scheduled Statuses. Here, next to their schedule, is a link to Edit Schedule Statuses, which displays an interface just like the one you'd use to update your own.

Scheduled Statuses Report

We've created a report to display upcoming status updates that takes the form of a calendar. This report, the Scheduled Statuses report, displays upcoming statuses for users you're allowed to see (depending on your Scheduled Statuses visibility permission). You can navigate the calendar to see day, week, and month views. You can also click on individual scheduled updates and if you have permission to make changes, you'll be able to see the dialog to edit the Scheduled Statuses.