Application Programming Interface

Using the Simple In/Out API, users with programming experience can access Simple In/Out data to do many interesting things. Our latest API, APIv4 (or 'Version 4'), offer both read and write access.  This means you can not only access your Simple In/Out data, but you can create and edit data as well.

Some popular uses for APIv4 are:

  • Create a customized heads-up display for your office
  • Create complicated reports formatted exactly how you like them
  • Integrate 3rd party applications with Simple In/Out to change your status

APIv4 is a JSON-based API protected by the OAuth2 standard.  This is similar to many other popular APIs like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.  You can view our  API docs here.

To get started with APIv4, simply  email us and let us know the you'd like API keys.  We'll need the following information from you:

  • The name of your app (this is presented to the user to let them know who they are giving permission to see their Simple In/Out data)
  • The redirect URL for OAuth 2 (the SSL-protected URL that Simple In/Out will return the user to after they have signed in with us and granted you authorization to use their da