What are Safety Notifications?

Safety Notifications

Safety notifications can be created in the Simple In/Out app in order to be notified when a user's status hasn't changed by a specific time or after a specified amount of time.

A Word about Liability

Safety Notifications have the ability to contact you about the current statuses of your users, however such ability is not guaranteed to function. Safety Notifications will not work under a variety of circumstances, such as if this device is not turned on, if this device is not connected to the internet, or if the providers of our services do not deliver the notification.

Safety Notifications are not a replacement for emergency services and should not be treated as such. Simply Made Apps will not be responsible for any injury, death or other damages that may occur while using Safety Notifications in accordance with the Simple In/Out Terms & Agreement.

A Word on Permissions

Safety notifications can only be managed on the device they're created on, and they can only be managed from the device they're created on.

In order for a user to use safety notifications, they must belong to a role that grants permission to use safety notifications. Administrator users can choose which roles have this permission as well as which users are assigned to which roles.

Creating Safety Notifications

On the device you wish to receive safety notifications, navigate to the safety notifications settings screen.

  • On the Simple In/Out phone app, tap Settings, followed by Notifications. Enable Notifications (if not enabled already) and grant permission to send your phone notifications if asked. Tap Safety to see the list of your existing safety notifications and tap the Plus button to add a new one.
  • On the Simple In/Out Windows app, access the app settings when there click on Notifications, followed by Safety.  The Add Safety plus button will be visible in the App Commands on the bottom of the window.
  • On the Simple In/Out Mac app, select the Preferences menu under the Simple In Out menu. In the Preferences window that comes up, click the Notifications category, followed by the Manage button next to Safety.  This will show your safeties and click the Plus button below the list.

When adding a safety, you will be shown a disclaimer and be asked to accept.  This reinforces our message that safety notifications should not be relied on for life and death situations.

In order to create a safety, the following information is needed:

  • Name - A friendly name for the safety
  • Group - This can be set to everyone in the company or a specific group.
  • Status - The status of users who will be shown. Example: Setting the status to "in" will only display users who are "in" at the specified time or interval.
  • Safety Sent
    • At - If selected, the notification will be sent to you if any user exists with the matching status at the specified time.
    • After - If selected, the notification will be sent to you if any user exists with a matching status for longer than the specified number of hours.
  • Days of the Week - Only send safety notifications on the selected days.
  • Time Zone - Your current time zone should be selected automatically, but we want to make sure you can change it in case you're traveling or setting it up for a remote office.

Receiving Safety Notifications

What platforms support safety notifications?

Simple In/Out for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows Desktop.

How often will I receive safety notifications?

If you create a safety notification for anyone who is out at 11:00 PM, you will receive a single notification at 11:00 PM if there are any users who are out at that time. You will not receive a notification if all users are in.

If you create a safety notification for anyone who is out for 4 hours, you will first receive a notification when a user has been out for longer than 4 hours, and you will continue to receive additional notifications every 10 minutes until the user has updated their status.

Can I limit the users I want to observe as being safe?

Yes. Safety notifications can be created for a specific group or for everyone in the company.

Can I limit which days of the week I want to receive safety notifications?

Yes. Safety notifications can be created to only monitor user statuses on specific days of the week.