What are Reminder Notifications?

Reminder Notifications

Reminders can be created to notify users to update their status at a specific time of day or after a specified amount of time. Reminders are created with a status of "in" or "out," so only users who still have the matching status are notified.

Creating Reminder Notifications

Reminders can only be created by users in a role that grants permission to manage reminders. Administrator users can choose which roles have this permission as well as which users are assigned to which roles. Reminders are created on simpleinout.com by clicking Settings in the upper right, followed by Reminders on the left. In order to create a reminder, the following information is needed:

  • Name - A friendly name for the reminder
  • Group - This can be set to everyone in the company or a specific group.
  • Status - The status of users who need to be reminded. Example: Setting the status to "in" will only remind users who are "in" at the specified time or interval.
  • Remind Users
    • At - If selected, the notification will be sent to users with the matching status at the specified time.
    • After - If selected, the notification will be sent to any user with a matching status for longer than the specified number of hours.
  • Days of the Week - Only send reminder notifications on the selected days.
  • Time Zone - Your current time zone should be selected automatically, but we want to make sure you can change it in case you're traveling or setting it up for a remote office.

Receiving Reminder Notifications

What platforms support reminder notifications?

Simple In/Out for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows Desktop.

How often will my users receive reminder notifications?

If you create a reminder for everyone who is in at 5:30 PM, users who are in at 5:30 PM will each receive a single reminder notification.

If you create a reminder for everyone who is in for 4 hours, users who are in longer than 4 hours will receive a single reminder notification. The timer will restart every time the user updates their status and they will receive a new notification if they are in for longer than 4 hours again.

Can I limit who will receive reminder notifications?

Yes. Reminders can be created for a specific group or for everyone in the company.

Can I limit which days of the week I want to send reminder notifications?

Yes. Reminder notifications can be created to only go out on specific days of the week.

Why aren't my users receiving reminder notifications?

A user may not receive the reminder notification for any of the following reasons:

  • The user never gave Simple In/Out push notification permissions
  • The user disabled push notifications from Simple In/Out in their system settings
  • The user has reminder notifications disabled
  • The notification is outside the user's Active Time setting