Haven't been receiving emails from Simple In/Out?

Simple In/Out sends emails to new users when they are added, as well as when a user requests a password reset or a new confirmation email. 

If you or your users do not receive an email, it's likely that they are being blocked somewhere along the way. When this happens, typically either your ISP, a spam firewall, or a personal spam filter blocked the email.  We suggest checking your personal spam filter to see if those emails are there.  If not, we'd also recommend checking with whomever manages your email to see if they can “whitelist” our email address (notice@simpleinout.com) so those emails go through in the future.

Reset Password Email Workaround

If a reset password email is what you're trying to have delivered, a workaround would be to have an Administrator user set your password temporarily.  They can do this on simpleinout.com by editing your users and clicking the Choose Your Password in the yellow box that will appear above your name.  If they set your password, they can tell you what it is, and you can change it to something you prefer once you have successfully logged in.