Does Simple In/Out track my location?

We take privacy very seriously here at Simple In/Out. As a general rule, Simple In/Out never stores or transmits your location to our servers. Your location is provided to the apps through approved location services. Your status is updated when the app is notified of a location event, but the location is not used as part of the status update nor is it saved in the app.

For more information on how your information is handled you can consult the Simple In/Out Privacy Policy.

Geofences and Beacons require permission to use Location Services. If you enable Geofences or Beacons you will be required to grant permission to use your location. Simple In/Out uses the low power location updates to determine if you have entered or left a Geofence. These notifications are used to update your status to the correct Geofence, but your location is not used as part of this process. Beacons require permission to location services as they are closely related to Geofences in programming, but do not get location updates. Beacons get similar notifications, but trigger when you are in close proximity to the Bluetooth Beacon.