How do Geofences work?

Instead of having to manually change your status, Simple In/Out can use the device's location to determine if you are at the office, and automatically check you in or out straight from your pocket.  This is especially useful if you have employees coming and going on a regular basis.  Geofences use low-powered locating which has very little effect on battery usage.

"Wait - I don’t want everyone knowing where I am at all times. That’s kind of creepy."

Don't worry!  We only care about the boundaries you specify.  It is all done in the background by the Operating System.

Our automatic updating monitors an area and sends notifications to Simple In/Out when the boundary is crossed, either in or out.  Our various apps use location information to process status updates only if you have a Geofence enabled.  This location information is used only to check whether you crossed the boundary. No location information is saved or transmitted. Period. Read our entire privacy statement.

For example, let’s say you created a Geofence around your office building. When you arrive at the office in the morning, the Geofence will send a notification to Simple In/Out when you cross the boundary and your status will show you are “in”. When you leave for your lunch break, your status will change to “out” so that others know you left the office and when. But no one will know where you went for lunch - unless, of course, you set up and enable a Geofence for your favorite taco shop, too.

If you are having problems or have additional questions about Geofences, click here.