How do Networks work?

Networks are very similar to Geofences and Beacons.

You can use Networks to automatically update your status when you connect / disconnect from a specified WiFi network.

Networks are a great tool for automatically updating your status.  It is a more accurate tool than Geofences or Beacons because you do not have to worry about Location* or Bluetooth.  It is very black and white.  If you are connected to the Network - then you are IN; if you are disconnected from the Network - then you are OUT.

*On Android 8.1 and higher, users will need to grant the app location access if they want to use Networks.

Q:  What happens if a user renames their home WiFi network to be the same as the office WiFi network?

A:  The phone will not differentiate between the networks.  To Simple In/Out, the two networks are the same and their status will be updated in both cases.  This feature is meant for convenience.


Q:  Why does it take so long to update my status?

A:  Simple In/Out triggers on WiFi network changes.  If you find your device takes a few minutes to update the status upon entering your office then you must not be connected to the WiFi network yet.  This is a device issue and has nothing to do with Simple In/Out.


Q:  Why do I keep randomly getting checked IN and OUT?

A:  Simple In/Out triggers on WiFi network changes.  If you are getting random check outs your device may be disabling its own WiFi to save battery or the WiFi network you are using is not giving a strong and consistent signal.


Q:  How do Networks work in a very large building with multiple access points?

A:  If the WiFi access points are spread evenly in the building and there are no 'dead zones' where you can't connect to the network, then you should remain "In the office" from all points of the building.


Q:  How do Networks work on a campus with multiple, disconnected buildings but on the same WiFi network?

A:  If the buildings are connected or very close together, you will remain "In" from building to building.  If two buildings are more than 30 meters away from each other, you may experience an "Out" event before the "In" event at the next location.