How do I create a Geofence?

iOS / Android

  1. Go to the Settings screen
  2. Tap Automatic Status Updates
  3. Tap Geofences
  4. Use the Add button on screen
  5. Add a Geofence by
    1. Current Location
    2. Manually Entering Address
  6. You can Tap and Drag on the pin to move the center point of the Geofence. iOS users just tap on the map to move the pin.
  7. Use the slider to set the radius of the Geofence.  This determines what area the geofence covers. Geofences should be set to 150m or twice the size of the location to be covered, whichever is greater.
  8. Press the Save button to save the fence and add it to the company


All Geofence management on happens inside our Geofence editor.  Simply click Geofences in the upper-right.  Your existing Geofences will be listed on the left and they will appear in the map on the right. 

To create a new Geofence, click the New Geofence button below the map.  This will add a new Geofence with a generic name to the map. 

To edit the location of the Geofence, drag the Geofence's marker on the map to the location you desire as the Geofence's center point. To edit the name of the Geofence, click on the name of the Geofence and type a new name.  The slider below the name can be dragged to increase or decrease the size of the Geofence.  Clicking the little triangle to the right of the Geofence name allows for advanced options like whether the Geofence is triggered on entry, on exit, or both (default).