How do I create a Beacon?

Beacons can be created using the website, Simple In/Out, FrontDesk, or purchased from our store. You can turn your FrontDesk tablet into a working Beacon. These are great if you plan to leave your device on all the time or if you just want to see how Beacons work before making a hardware purchase.

Simple In/Out:

Go to Settings, Automatic Status Updates, then Beacons. Tap the add button (looks like a +) to create a new Beacon.  By default a UUID is randomly generated.  If you have a UUID you want to use instead you can edit it in after creating the Beacon. You can always edit this Beacon later.


You can add/edit/delete Beacons from this link.


Go to Settings, then Beacons to bring up the screen for managing your Beacons. Tap the + button in the upper right to create a new Beacon.

Give your Beacon a name (this is required) and the status behavior (Entry, Exit, or Both) and press the Save button in the corner. After that you can turn the Beacon on and check in and out as you come near it.