What is Overwrite Status Protection?

Overwrite Status Protection is a feature designed to prevent automatic status updates from overwriting a previous status update (manual or automatic).

How it works

When you use Automatic Status Updates (such as Geofences, Beacons, Networks, or Desktop Presence), your status is updated when you enter/exit a specified region or start/stop using your computer.  Overwrite Status Protection is a feature that will prevent an automatic status update from overwriting your current status if the new status update matches your most recent status update.


Let's say you are currently IN the office.  It is lunch time and you are going to go down the street to your favorite restaurant.  Before you leave the office, you want to let everyone know where you will be and when you will be back.  You update your status to ' OUT - Lunch at Bob's Burgers, back at 2 PM'.  Your status update is submitted and everyone know exactly where you are and when you will be back.  Now that your status is updated, you leave the office.  As you leave the office, your Geofence goes to check you OUT.  Typically, the Geofence would update your status to 'OUT - Left the office' but because of Overwrite Status Protection, it will ignore the status update recognizing that you were already OUT.  You will receive a notification to your phone saying ' Update Ignored - Already Out', 'Tap here to overwrite existing status'.  If you want to overwrite your 'Lunch at Bob's Burgers, back at 2 PM' status, you can do so by pressing the notification.  In most scenarios, you will want to ignore this notification as the manual status update is much more informative to other users than the automatic status update.  When you return from lunch, your status will be automatically updated like normal to 'IN - Entered the office'.

In short, if you are currently OUT and you either exit a Geofence/Beacon/Network or your computer goes idle, any automatic OUT would be ignored.  If you are currently IN and you enter a Geofence/Beacon/Network or start using your computer, any automatic IN would also be ignored.  Automatic Status Updates will always go through when going from OUT to IN or IN to OUT.

Overwrite Status Protection and one-way locations

The one exception to this rule are Geofences/Beacons/Networks that are set to be one way (entry only or exit only).  If a location is set to entry only or exit only, it will not use Overwrite Status Protection and it will update your status when entering or exiting regardless of your current status.

Disabling Overwrite Status Protection

Currently, you cannot disable Overwrite Status Protection.  Your status updates will always get ignored if they match the previous update.  You can only disable the notifications you receive when this happens.