What is Enhanced Geofence Accuracy?

This feature is only available on Android!

Enhanced Geofence Accuracy

Enhanced Geofence Accuracy is a great tool for users that are having trouble with their Geofence consistency.  If you find that the Geofence checks you OUT and IN randomly throughout the day (even though you have never actually moved), give this feature a try.

How it works

Typically, when the operating system tells us that the device has EXITED or ENTERED a Geofence, we would update your status on the spot.  Sometimes the device will have a poor location reading and therefore exit the Geofence when it should not have. 

Enhanced Geofence Accuracy will 'double check' the location before updating your status.  When the operating system decides you have exited a Geofence, we will use the GPS to determine your true location.  Using your true location, we will determine if you have actually left the Geofence and update your status accordingly.  As always, this GPS reading is not transmitted to our servers.  We only use the GPS reading to determine if you have truly left the Geofence.  Your location is never stored and cannot be seen by anyone.  We take this matter very seriously and you can view our  Privacy Policy for more information.

Limitations of Enhanced Geofence Accuracy

Due to the nature of how the feature works, you will need GPS coverage.  For most work spaces, there should be adequate coverage.  There are some scenarios in which you will not have GPS coverage and therefore will see no improvement with the Enhanced Geofence Accuracy.  For example, if you work in a large complex, basement, parking ramp, or any location that would have problems communicating with satellites, you will see little improvement.

The easiest way to determine if Enhanced Geofence Accuracy will work at your location is to just turn it on and see how it goes.  If it helps remove some of the inconsistency you can leave it on.  If it seems to do nothing, you can turn it off.

Battery Life

From the testing we have done, Enhanced Geofence Accuracy will ignore over 95% of false-positives and have only a slight impact on battery life.

It is hard to determine just how much battery life will be consumed when using this feature.  Battery consumption is dependent on how often the Geofence wrongfully checked you OUT and IN throughout the day (because we only use the GPS when it checks you OUT).  If the Geofence only wrongfully checked you OUT a few times, you should see very little impact on your battery life.  If the Geofence wrongfully checked you OUT 50 times in a day, you would see much more impact on your battery life (as we would be using the GPS 50 times rather than just a few).

This feature is optional and is used as a helping tool.  We recommend you try the feature and see how it effects your consistency and battery life - then decide if you want to keep it enabled.