How does Active Time work?

Active Time allows you to specify time frames when you want core features of Simple In/Out to work. This allows you to use Simple In/Out when you want, and leave the notifications and updates disabled when you don't. You get to choose the days and times you want Simple In/Out to operate. Outside of these times, Simple In/Out will not send you notifications or update your status.To use Active Time, turn the master switch on and press the Save button. You can adjust the days of the week, start and end time, time zone, and features to apply to. Any time you make a change to the individual settings, you will need to Save to update your changes. The server needs to know if/when it is ok to send you notifications (if enabled).Days of the Week: Tap each day to select/unselect the day

Start/End Time: Tap the row to bring up the time picker, tap the row again to close it
Time Zone: If you want to apply the times to a different time zone, just tap the row to choose the correct time zone. By default it will use your system time zone.
Applies to: Choose which features you want Active Time to apply to. This list will expand as new features are made available.

Automatic Status Updates: This applies to our automatic status updates involving Geofences, Beacons, Networks, and presence detection on Desktop. Your automatic updates will be ignored if triggered outside your Active Time.
Followed User Notifications: These are status update notifications when followed users update their status.
Safety Notifications: These are notifications to let you know that a user has not checked in or out by a certain time or after a certain time period.
Reminder Notifications: These are notifications to remind you to update your own status at a certain time or after a certain time period if you haven't already done so.


What happens if I work overnight?

Active Time will still work if you work past midnight. Just set your Start Time and End Time correctly. The work days should reflect when you start your day. If you work overnight from Friday night into Saturday morning, you do not need select Saturday if you do not have a work day that starts on Saturday.

What do the days of the week boxes mean? 

The boxes use your week start days to reflect the days of the week using the very short day character. If your system week starts on Monday, you should see M,T,W,T,F,S,S reflecting Monday - Sunday.

I made changes but they aren't working?

Any time you make changes to Active Time you will need to press the Save button to commit them to the server. This allows you to make multiple changes without using any network data. If you make changes and go back, the next time you enter the screen, it will use the old settings. Just be sure to Save each time you make changes to ensure you always have your Active Time in sync.