How do I sort or change what I see on the Board?

There are several ways to change the list of users shown on the Board tab. Simple In/Out gives you plenty of options to filter users however you need.


You can search for users in the current list by pulling down on the board until the Search Bar shows up. From here you can search users by name.

Tapping the 'Search' action button in the lower right corner will allow you to search users by name.

Searching is not currently available on Windows Desktop or Windows Mobile.


Searching is not currently available on the Mac Desktop app.

Sorting / Filtering


To sort or filter the board on a more permanent basis, tap on the Filter button at the top left of the Board tab. This will bring up your available Sorting and Filter options. These include:

Ascending / Descending: Sort by ascending or descending 
Name, Status, Time: Users can be sorted by name, by in or out status, or by time.
Groups: If you have any groups created, users can be filtered by group only.


To change the sort or filtering options on Mac, click on the View Menu bar item.

You can sort by Ascending or Descending. You can change the order by to use Name, Status, or Time. Choosing Group will allow you to only see users associated with that specific group. Once you click on the the menu item the sort will take effect immediately.

All of your sorting options are persistent and will save between restarts. You can filter the board at any time to display what you want.