What are Quick Picks or Recents?

Quick Picks are a list of status updates that allow you to change your status quickly with one click (or tap on mobile devices). This are a great way to change your status without having to type out your new comment. My favorites, company favorites, and recents are all included within the Quick Picks list.

NOTE:  Not all platforms support ' my favorites' yet.  These apps only support the ability to favorite a status within your recents list.  This will cause that status to remain in the list of recents even if it isn't one of the most recent updates.


If you have a status update you use frequently, you can make it a favorite so it is always available within your Quick Picks.
iOS:  Tap on the star icon next to the item in your recents list to mark it as a favorite.
Website: Click the Manage button next to the Quick Picks to expose the controls and then click the star icon next to the Quick Pick.
Android: Manage your favorites within Settings -> My Favorites.
Desktop: Manage your favorites within Settings -> My Favorites



Simple In/Out Desktop


Recents can not be edited or changed. They are just a collection of your most recently used status updates, there isn't anything to change.  However, you can edit and delete your favorites on the Android and Desktop apps.


How do I delete a Quick Pick/Recent?