My Beacons aren't working on iOS

Beacons are one of our most popular features here at Simple In/Out. Beacons are also very reliable, but they do have a few quirks to them that can make them behave erratically or not at all. Fortunately there are a couple of things to keep in mind to make sure your Beacons behave and perform the way they are supposed to.

  • Beacons rely on your proximity to the Bluetooth powered Beacon. Get in range of the Beacon, you are checked in. Spend too much time away from the signal (approx. 20 seconds) you get checked out. Just make sure you have enabled permission to use Location and that your Bluetooth is turned on. (Location permission is required because Beacons use the CoreLocation library and under the covers, work just like a Geofence that does use location). Don't worry, we never save, store, or transmit your location in any way.
  • Beacons have a range of about 30-40ft in all directions. This can vary by location and placement, so range can be a problem if you happen to have an office on the edge of the Beacon. Having your Beacons placed out in the open, like in a power supply plugged into a wall outlet, gives you the best range possible. If you are using the power from an computer, you may find that range is reduced since the side facing the computer is all electronics and silicon. Proper Beacon placement is key to getting the most range out of each Beacon.
  • Beacons can be chained together to form 1 large Beacon. This is the recommended usage for Beacons. Use 2 or 3 Beacons (or as many as needed) to evenly distribute the signal around the office. This way you aren't checked out when you wander to the break room or go to the restroom. Use the 30-40ft rule to scatter them around to keep everyone checked in throughout the day.
  • Using Beacons on multiple floors? While Beacons can broadcast through walls, it does degrade the signal with every wall it has to pass through and may not work through floors in every situation. Our experience is that they don't work between floors. Be prepared to duplicate your Beacons between floors if you have a multi-level office.
  • Hoping to use Beacons as an office locator? We do not recommend this at all. Beacons require about 20 seconds away from the current signal before checking you out. If you put a Beacon in different offices or room, you most likely won't have time to check out before entering the next one. This can lead to all kinds of sporadic updates. You can check in and out of multiple Beacons without ever moving. This is generally not the behavior our users want, so we try to discourage this kind of usage.
  • Can't turn on Beacons? Make sure you have given Simple In/Out permission to use your location. We ask the first time you try and use Beacons, but if you said no, you'll have to enable them in the You can find the permission under Privacy -> Location. Make sure Simple In/Out has Always permission. Otherwise, Beacons can't wake the app up in the background and update your status.
  • Not getting status updates from your Beacons? Make sure that you have internet access. Simple In/Out requires internet access to update your status. We don't cache the time and date and update later when you do have access, so it is important to use Beacons on a device that can access the internet at all times.
  • Still not getting updates? Do you like to talk on the phone when you leave the office or on your way to work? Some carriers don't support voice and data at the same time. It is possible that you are blocking the status update with your call. Most carriers using LTE can support voice and data at the same time, but may require changing your system setting to allow it. You can check under the under Cellular.
  • If you turn Airplane Mode on, Beacons won't work. Locations as well as internet access are restricted and nothing is going to happen until you turn Airplane Mode off.
  • Beacons were working fine but now they stopped? This happens from time to time, usually after a system update. Apple has told us that Beacons should persist between restarts and updates, but we find that isn't always the case. If Beacons were working and have stopped and you think it might be related to a system update, just open Simple In/Out, make sure you don't see any errors as the app loads up. If everything looks fine, you can just close the app. We'll automatically re-add your Beacons when you background the app to make sure things are always turned on.
  • Tried everything on this list and still having trouble? Let's hope that never happens, but if so, please email us so we can try and help.

We want everyone to have a great experience with Beacons. If you follow these steps and still have troubles, be sure to let us know and we'll help you get them working.