How do I edit Preferences on the Mac app?

You can access preferences on the Mac by clicking on Simple In/Out in the menu bar and choosing Preferences. You can also use the standard preferences shortcut by using '⌘,'.

Board Refresh Interval: Choose how often the board refreshes data. You can always manually refresh if needed, but the board can update automatically.

Sounds: Enable or Disable sound effects that play after status updates.

Contact Us: Brings up a new email in your default mail client addressed to us. We love hearing from our users, drop us a line to let us know how we are doing or to ask us a question.

Need Help: Opens our Mac Help page with helpful documents to learn how Simple In/Out for Mac works.
Delete content and saved settings: Logging out will clear any local settings and data and log you out of the app. This does not delete your account or remove anything on our server, but is a handy way to clear out the app and log in as a new user.