What are Application Logs?

Application Logs are text files documenting events as they happen. They are really just developer notes and information that outline the path the application took as things happen. If you are having trouble with a particular feature in Simple In/Out, it can be tricky to diagnose the problem and figure out what is happening without having the device plugged in. This takes all the important events and information and saves it in small text files that can be sent to us to figure out what is going on.

What are in the logs?

We never put any personal identifiable information in our logs. Most of the logs outline the path taken when something happens. Methods called, buttons pressed, etc. The logs can change over time as updates come out as we cover new features and new areas of concern. Your logs are yours and you can view the current day at any time with the Preview button. We want you to know what you are sending and give the user complete control over whether the information is sent or not.

What is Send Automatically?

Logs can be sent to us automatically once per day. This setting should be left off unless directed by someone at Simply Made Apps (Simple In/Out). Once directed, we can pull up the logs and use them to troubleshoot an issue or provide information about app behavior. This can be turned off as soon as your issue has been resolved. There are no notification methods to let us know if your logs are uploaded and you need assistance. This is just a tool to help us diagnose issues.

When are the logs automatically uploaded?

The logs are automatically uploaded once per day. There is no specific time of day that the logs are uploaded, just once per day when the app is checking whether to send or not.

How long are the logs kept?

We keep logs on the device for 7 days. If you had an issue 8 days ago and have not uploaded logs yet (or didn't have automatic upload enabled) then those logs are no longer available. Once logs are uploaded, they are stored for 90 days and automatically deleted.

Will my device use more battery or data by sending logs automatically?

Automatically sending logs should not use any more battery than using the Automatic Status Updates. The logs are very small text files and shouldn't affect data usage.