Why doesn't the Simple In/Out website render correctly in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 have features called Compatibility View and Quirks Mode. These features were supposed to help users transition to the latest version of Internet Explorer while behaving like an old version of Internet Explorer when a website hasn't been updated to support the new browser.

Unfortunately Compatibility View and Quirks Mode can break sites that have been updated to support the latest versions of Internet Explorer. Simple In/Out does not support Internet Explorer 8 or older, so if Compatibility View or Quirks Mode is running as one of those older versions, JavaScript errors will occur and break the functionality of the website.

The most common reason for Compatibility View or Quirks Mode to be enabled for simpleinout.com is when your company is embedding your Public Link in an iframe on the company's intranet site. It's also possible, but not likely, that Compatibility View is enabled specifically for simpleinout.com or for all websites.

How to Disable Compatibility View

Step 1. Enable the command bar in your browser by right-clicking on the toolbar and clicking "Command bar" if it's not already checked.

Step 2. Now you can click on Tools > Compatibilty View settings from the Command bar to open the current settings.

Step 3. If simpleinout.com is in the list of Websites you've added to Compatibility View, select it and click Remove. If it's not in the list, you can skip to Step 4.

Step 4. If you are viewing a Public Link embedded on your company's intranet or website, you will need to remove the company's website from the Compatibility View list and uncheck "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View."

Here we're viewing our intranet site at "", which was added to Compatibility View, so we're going to remove it from the list:

And we're also going to uncheck "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View":

Step 5 (IE 9 only). You may also have to uncheck "Display all websites in Compatibility View" if it's currently checked.

How to Embed a Public Link in an iframe

If you're a web developer looking to embed a Simple In/Out Public Link on your company's website, there's a couple things you should do to make sure it renders correctly in Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11.

The most important tag to include on your page is the DOCTYPE tag. Without this tag, Internet Explorer 9 will default to Quirks Mode, which will try to render Simple In/Out using the unsupported Internet Explorer 5 engine.

<!DOCTYPE html>

The other tag you should include is the X-UA-Compatible meta tag to force your users to render the page using the Microsoft Edge rendering engine if they have enabled Compatibility View. This is the latest rendering engine from Microsoft.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

Here's what your HTML document should look like, minus your own content:

If you're still having problems loading simpleinout.com after following these instructions, please email us and let us know.