Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great messaging service built for groups large and small. We offer several ways to see your Simple In/Out board and information inside Teams itself. You can also update your Simple In/Out status if you have permission to do so. You can integration our connector on Microsoft AppSource here.


You can add the Simple In/Out connector inside Microsoft Teams by selecting the Apps tab and searching for Simple In/Out:

Clicking on the search result for Simple In/Out will bring up the interface to add Simple In/Out to a team. Click the Add to a team button to continue:


Simple In/Out provides a connector that you can use to integrate Simple In/Out status updates into your Teams channel of choice. 

Your Microsoft Teams administrator will need to make sure that Third-party apps are enabled in the Microsoft Teams admin center in order to add the Simple In/Out connector.

Next you will type in your team name so you can select the channel for sending Simple In/Out notifications followed by clicking the Set up a connector button:

Give your connection a name and click the Create button:

Once your connection has been created, you will need to follow the Instructions settings to add the generated Webhook URL to Simple In/Out:

Simple In/Out Board

View your Simple In/Out board directly from within Microsoft Teams. First, click the three dot icon on the left and choose Simple In/Out from the list. You may need to type in the Find an App area if you have a lot of apps installed.

This will add a Simple In/Out tab on the left. To keep this tab available at all times, right-click on the tab and select Pin.

Once you have the Simple In/Out tab on the left, click on it to use Simple In/Out. You must log in with your Simple In/Out email/password to begin. Click the Log In with Simple In/Out button and enter your credentials.

Once you've logged in, you're all set! The Simple In/Out board is here and will automatically refresh your data throughout the day.

Simple In/Out Status Updates

Update your Simple In/Out status directly from within Microsoft Teams. Do note: this status is different than any Microsoft Teams presence/availability information, which is separate. Simple In/Out's status is the status that you appear on the Simple In/Out board, and within all the Simple In/Out apps and on

To update your status, you can type an optional comment to add additional context to your update. You then click the Update Status button to send the update to Simple In/Out. After sending, the Board tab will reflect your status update.

We also provide one-click options via My Quick Picks and Company Quick Picks. Clicking any of these links will instantly update your status with the status/comment combination indicated.

Further Assistance

For further assistance with Simple In/Out's integration with Microsoft Teams, visit our Help Center. Feel free to email us directly too, we're here to help.