Information on Battery Life and Automatic Status Updates

We take battery concerns very seriously and we do everything we can to maximize the consistency of the app while minimizing the amount of battery that is used.  You should not experience any significant change in battery life when using Simple In/Out, regardless of which features you have enabled.  You will experience slightly more battery usage if you enable more features, but this extra usage should be hardly noticeable and insignificant to modern smartphones.

You can very easily go into your device Settings and see which portions of the system are using all of your battery. You will likely only ever see Simple In/Out in the single digits of percentage of battery used.

If you recently installed Simple In/Out and noticed a spike in battery drain, this may be caused by another app.

Our app does a very good job about not draining your battery and only using your Location / Bluetooth / WIFI when it needs to.  With that said, you might have other apps on your phone that aren't as battery friendly as ours.
For example, let's say you have a lot of apps on your phone that use your Location and Bluetooth and your battery doesn't tend to last the full day so you disable these services.  Today, you installed Simple In/Out on your phone and wanted to turn on Beacons.  In order to turn on Beacons, we make sure that you have your Location and Bluetooth enabled.  These two features that were previously disabled and preserving your battery life are now enabled and your battery will suffer - but it isn't necessarily Simple In/Out that is causing the battery drain.  It is still the older apps on the phone that cause the battery drain - they just weren't draining it before because your Location and Bluetooth were OFF.  Now that Location and Bluetooth are back ON in order for Simple In/Out to use Beacons, these other apps are back to draining your battery.
If you do have battery concerns with Simple In/Out, please check for other apps using a significant amount of battery too.  Also remember to check the Battery Usage screen in the device Settings.  If you have any questions or complaints about battery usage, please send us an email!