Information on Data Usage

Simple In/Out does its best to keep data usage to a minimum.  You will find that Simple In/Out uses a negligible amount of data per month.  Typically no more than 15 MB per month.  This can be more or less depending on how often you use the app, what features you are using, and how many users are in your organization.  Modern data plans will hardly notice an increase in data usage.

If your data usage seems high, please go to your device Settings and inspect your data usage for each app. This should tell you exactly how much mobile data Simple In/Out has used.

If you notice a large amount of data has been used, please take a screenshot of your data usage screen and email us.  We are aware of potentially high data usage for Google Fi users when using 'enhanced network'.  If you are using Google Fi as your service provider and experiencing high data usage, please check this setting.