Unable to enable Geofences on Android - Error Code #1000

If you are trying to enable a Geofence on an Android device and getting "Error Code #1000" or you have been redirected here automatically, please follow this article for a solution.

This error comes from the OS when trying to register Geofences on your device but the Geofence service is not available.

There can be a few reasons for this and the solution might be different depending on what device you are using and what version of the OS you are running - please consult the following solutions...

  1. Location is disabled on your device.
  2. Location on your device is not in "High Accuracy Mode".
  3. You have unchecked the "Improve Location Accuracy" in Location Settings.
  4. You have not allowed Google's Location Services.  You must agree to this dialog. This dialog usually comes up when you turn your location on.  Turn your location off and back on to get the dialog again.
  5. Some users have reported that just restarting their phone fixed the issue.
  6. You are using a device with an invalid version of Google Play Services.