iOS Permissions Needed

Geofences and Beacons both use Location Services built into iOS for updating your status automatically. It is important to make sure you have given Simple In/Out the correct permission to update your status in the background.

Location Permission:

Simple In/Out requires the "Always" permission to ensure Geofences and Beacons will work in the background. This can differ depending on which version of iOS you are running.

The "Always" permission is deferred until your location is actually used. A temporary permission is granted by choosing "Allow While Using App".

You will get another prompt after the location has been used. This is when you can grant the final "Always" permission. It may take a day or two to show up, but it will eventually show up and ask you to be sure. Make sure you grant "Always". If you choose anything other than "Always", your Geofences or Beacons will be disabled and Simple In/Out won't know about it until you open the app again.

* This is the prompt I got after a trip to Minneapolis and checked in when I got home

App Permission Page:

You can always visit the Settings page for Simple In/Out in the main Settings app. If you have changed the permission or want to guarantee they are set correctly, this is a great page to visit to ensure things are set. Any permissions that are touched will appear here.