Hiding the status update times on the board

There are two ways that you can show/hide the status update time on the board.

1). Go to the Settings screen from within FrontDesk (using your admin email and password) and tap the "View status update times".  If this setting is enabled, the board will show a timestamp for each status update.  If this setting is disabled, the board will not show any timestamps.

2)  Remove the permission to "View status update times" from the administrator role itself.  This is done via the website within the Role settings.  If you remove this permission, admin users (including the one logged into FrontDesk) will no longer be able to see the timestamps for status updates on the board.

If your FrontDesk application settings shows "Enabled but forbidden by role permissions" under "View status update times", this means that you have the setting enabled but you do not have permission to view status update times because your role does not allow.  You can fix this by updating the role to grant this permission as described in option #2.