Archive Users

Archiving users allows administrators to both remove users from their board and prevent those users from accessing Simple In/Out, all while preserving their history. Admins can continue to run reports on these users forever. Coupled with Simple In/Out's reports and exports, archiving users allows Simple In/Out to act as your one-true-source of user in/out activity for the long term regardless of user turnover.
Archived users count towards your plan’s user limit.

Archive a User

To archive a user, click on the user in question on the Simple In/Out board on In the dialog that comes up, click the  Edit User button to access the user editing page.
On the Edit User page, to the right, are actions you can perform on the user. Click the Archive User link to archive. You'll need to confirm that action, as this will immediately suspend the user's access to Simple In/Out.

Unarchive a User

If the user comes back, we allow archived users to be unarchived. The returning user chooses a new password and instantly resumes their place on the Simple In/Out board, complete with all their history from the past.
To view your archived users on, click Settings in the upper-right, followed by Archived Users on the left.
From here, you can both unarchive a user (adding them back to your Simple In/Out board) or delete a user entirely. Deleting a user will permanently destroy their data and reduce the total users in your Simple In/Out organization by one.
Click Unarchived User to get started. This will ask you to input the user's email address and choose their role for permission purposes. Once you've set this user up, click the Unarchive User button to complete the process.
The user will receive an email welcoming them to Simple In/Out with a link to choose their password to get started again.