Information on manufacturer specific issues

The Android OS has systems in place to make sure an application is not abusing your battery life.  Simple In/Out abides by these restrictions and requests to be whitelisted when necessary.  However, several device manufacturers have added additional mechanisms that aggressively kill apps in an attempt to save battery life.  The Automatic Status Updates of Simple In/Out will not behave properly when the app is killed.

For example, on some Samsung devices the Samsung Smart Manager will force close apps after they have not been opened by the user for a few days.  The key benefit of Automatic Status Updates is that you don't need to open the app for them to operate - so naturally the app will be killed by the Smart Manager and the Automatic Status Updates will stop after a few days.  The Simple In/Out app must be whitelisted within the Samsung Smart Manager to resolve this problem.

To add to this complication, most manufacturers are quite nefarious when it comes to app killing...
1). The app is blacklisted as soon as it is installed and needs to be whitelisted.
2). Some manufacturers can 'reset' the whitelist after OS updates and you have to re-whitelist the app.
3). Major apps are whitelisted by default (Facebook, Snapchat, etc).  This gives the illusion that most apps on your phone work properly and smaller apps like ours do not.
4). The manufacturer purposefully hides all information from developers.  This means we are unable to check if you are on the whitelist or not.  The best we can do is to inform the user of the problem and the steps needed to resolve it.

Please go here to see instructions for solving these issues on your device.