How to find your iCalendar URL for calendar integration

In order to sync your calendar with Simple In/Out's Scheduled Statuses, we need the URL of your calendar's iCalendar feed. This is an industry standard format for consuming calendar information. Virtually all calendar providers will supply such a URL for interoperability. 

It's important to note that a valid iCalendar URL will only provide one calendar. Simple In/Out will not allow a feed with many calendars, which is a feature of the iCalendar specification that we do not support.

Here are some common calendar providers and ways to access your iCalendar URL.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office/Outlook online provides iCalendar feeds in the calendar's settings. Head to your calendar within your Microsoft 365's web interface, then click the Settings icon in the upper-right.

This will open the Settings panel on the right side of the browser window. Here, click View all Outlook settings at the very bottom.

This will show the Settings for Outlook. By clicking Calendar on the left, followed by Shared calendars, you can access all the shared calendar settings. You'll need to Publish a calendar. Under that Publish a calendar section, choose the calendar you'd like to share with Simple In/Out. Then, choose a permission (make sure not to choose just busy, as without title/summaries Simple In/Out will not be able to sync good comments for your Scheduled Statuses). Then, click Publish. After publishing, the ICS URL listed is the URL to share with Simple In/Out.

If these instructions are unavailable to you, it's possible your Microsoft 365 administrators have disabled your ability to publish your calendars. If that's the case, here's an article from Microsoft explaining how your administrator can update your Microsoft 365 organization settings to allow publishing.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar provides iCalendar feeds in a particular calendar's settings. When inside Google Calendar, click the three dot icon that appears when hovering over the calendar you wish to share with Simple In/Out. Then click Settings and sharing in the menu that appears.

In the settings that appear, scroll down to the iCal format links. You can utilize the Public or Secret address to share with Simple In/Out.

If you only receive Scheduled Statuses in Simple In/Out that are "Busy" or you are not allowed to share and your organization is using Google Workspace, here is a link for your administrator explaining how to allow sharing outside the organization.