Why are my display preferences not saved between web sessions?

When making changes to the display of your board on simpleinout.com, we'll save your settings so the next time you load your in/out board in the same web browser your preferences are restored. This is quite useful at remembering preferences like font size, columns, sorting, etc.
By default, Simple In/Out will store these settings using Local Storage. If that doesn't work, we'll fall back to using browser cookies.
If you close your web browser and come back only to notice that your settings have not been restored, this is likely due to having your web browser set to destroy your local storage and/or cookies when it's closed. While you can continue to do this, you'll not be able to keep your preferences between browser sessions.

Below are some specific web browser settings.


Within Firefox's preferences, navigate to Privacy & Security. From there, under the Cookies and Site Data section, uncheck the box labeled Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed.
If you leave the above box checked, you must instead click the button to Manage Exceptions..., which allowed you to add simpleinout.com as an exception to this rule and allow us to maintain data across browser sessions.