Microsoft Teams Common Errors

Below are errors you may receive when using any integration with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams denied your access with an error code of 'LocationConditionEvaluationSatisfied'.

Updated February 2, 2023 - We are currently working with Microsoft to resolve this issue. Microsoft has been too inept to explain what this error means, how it happens, or what can be done to stop it. This error is raised by Microsoft's system when requesting access with a "claim", a feature they promote as great for user security. 

We at Simple In/Out believe this error is the result of using a location condition in a Conditional Access policy. If you run into this error, this is worth exploring. However, we have no confirmation from Microsoft on this front. 

If you see this error, please contact us and we'll help troubleshoot.

Your administrator has configured the application to block users unless they are specifically granted ('assigned') access to the application.

The signed-in user is blocked because they are not a direct member of a group with access, nor had access directly assigned by an administrator. Please contact your administrator to assign access to this application. Azure Active Directory has many permissions that are configurable by administrations. Active Directory administration can reference this document on assigning users and groups to applications to resolve this issue.

A Microsoft Teams integration has already been set up for this Active Directory user.

Microsoft only allows one Microsoft Teams integration per Active Directory user per application. This means that you cannot use the same Active Directory user for two different Simple In/Out users.

Your Microsoft Teams connection has been revoked either by yourself or one of your Microsoft Teams administrators. You may have changed your Microsoft password which can cause this disconnection.

Within Microsoft Teams, any one of your Teams administrators can revoke your access. If they do, you'll need to reestablish your link between Simple In/Out and Microsoft Teams. This error can also happen if you yourself revoke access within Microsoft Teams, which you can do yourself or can sometimes happen automatically when you change your Microsoft Teams password.

You must consent to give Simple In/Out access.

Either you or one of your Microsoft Teams administrators has revoked consent to allow your Microsoft Teams presence information to be shared with Simple In/Out. You will need to reestablish your link between Simple In/Out and Microsoft Teams.