What firewall exceptions are needed for Simple In/Out?

The Simple In/Out website and app require communication with additional servers besides www.simpleinout.com to perform correctly. Here's a list of domains that are used by the website and Simple In/Out apps:

Domain Description
*.simpleinout.com Website, static assets, and API endpoints for all apps
simpleinout.s3.amazonaws.com User profile photos and report downloads
*.stripe.com Secure Credit Card Payment
*.bugsnag.com Error reporting for the website and all apps
cdnjs.cloudflare.com CDN for static assets
fonts.googleapis.com Google Web Fonts
maps.googleapis.com Google Maps for Geofences

Simple In/Out Desktop

For Simple In/Out Desktop, receiving notifications may require firewall adjustments. Notifications typically use port 5228, but it sometimes uses 443, 5229, and 5230.

We don't provide specific IPs because IP range changes too frequently and your firewall rules could get out of date, impacting your users' experience. Ideally, allowlist ports 5228-5230 & 443 with no IP restrictions. However, if you must have an IP restriction, you should allowlist all of the IP addresses listed in goog.json. This large list is updated regularly, and you are recommended to update your rules on a monthly basis. Problems caused by firewall IP restrictions are often intermittent and difficult to diagnose.

We do offer a set of domain names that can be allowlisted instead of IP addresses. Those hostnames are listed below. If we start using additional hostnames, we will update the list here. Using domain names for your firewall rule may or may not be functional in your firewall device.

TCP ports to open:

  • 5228
  • 5229
  • 5230
  • 443

Hostnames to open:

  • mtalk.google.com
  • mtalk4.google.com
  • mtalk-staging.google.com
  • mtalk-dev.google.com
  • alt1-mtalk.google.com
  • alt2-mtalk.google.com
  • alt3-mtalk.google.com
  • alt4-mtalk.google.com
  • alt5-mtalk.google.com
  • alt6-mtalk.google.com
  • alt7-mtalk.google.com
  • alt8-mtalk.google.com
  • android.apis.google.com
  • device-provisioning.googleapis.com
  • firebaseinstallations.googleapis.com