Slack is a great messaging service built for teams large and small.  You can have Simple In/Out send all the status changes made in your company right to your favorite Slack channel.

To integrate Slack and Simple In/Out, you must belong to the Administrator role.

Simply log into using your email/password.  Then click on Settings in the upper-right, followed by Integrations on the left.  From there, click the Add to Slack button.  This will take you to Slack to choose your channel and grant Simple In/Out permission to add messages.  After this is configured, you'll be all set.

A special note about the formatting.  When using the Add to Slack button, the format of the messages inside of Slack will carry the name Simple In/Out and have our icon (this is required by Slack).  If you wish to have the user images instead of the Simple In/Out icon, you can do this by using our custom Web Hooks instead.  Within Slack's integration, you can create a web hook and Slack will provide you with a URL.  If you paste that URL into Simple In/Out's Web Hooks, we'll send those messages with the user's images.