How do I use Networks?

Networks are only available on Android.  These are not available on iOS.

Networks are a great way to automate your status updates with Simple In/Out. Networks don't require use of your location in the background.  Networks work primarily off of WiFi connectivity.  If you connect to a registered WiFi network, you are marked IN.  When you disconnect from this WiFi network, you are marked OUT. Creating a Network in Simple In/Out can be done easily by a user in the Administrator role. All you need to do is enter the SSID (the WiFi network's name) when creating the Network.   Learn more about how to add a Network to the company here.

To use Networks, open Simple In/Out, tap on the Settings tab, and select Automatic Status Updates. From here you can enable Automatic Updates. If this is your first time using Simple In/Out, you will be prompted to grant permission to use your location. You will need to say yes for Networks to work correctly.

Once you have enabled Automatic Updates, tap on Networks to view the available Networks for your company.

The list view will show all available Networks you can enable. Tap on the Network in the list to drill in to the detail screen. To turn the Network on, tap the Enable this Network switch.  Once you have enabled the Network, you can tap the back button to exit this view and go back to the list of Networks. Repeat for as many Networks that you need to enable. You can also use the "enable all" button in the header to turn everything on at once. Once they are all on, you can use the same button to "disable all".

Status updates occur when you disconnect or connect to the specified WiFi networks. Sometimes it can take a little time or distance to ensure you have fully left a location before your status will update.  It should update your status within a minute or two after connecting/disconnecting.