Huawei Issues

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Huawei is one of the worst offenders when it comes to automatically killing apps in the background.  Most Huawei devices will require additional configuration in order to use Automatic Status Updates.  The configuration is different depending on your device and EMUI version.  This can make resolving these issues complicated.  Please go through every item in the list as it is unknown exactly what device have what issues or how they are labeled.  In some extreme cases, the Huawei device will continue killing apps even if you have everything set correctly and there is nothing we can do.  If you have any questions, please email us at


1). App Launch - Select EMUI 8, 9, and 10 devices.  This feature may not exist on your device or may be labeled differently.  See the screenshots at the bottom of this page.
Phone settings > Battery > App launch.  Set Simple In/Out to "Manage manually" and make sure everything is turned on.

2). Battery Optimization - EMUI 9+
Settings > Search for "Battery optimization" > Touch the inverted triangle next to "Don't allow" > Touch "All apps" > Select "Don't allow"

3). Battery Optimization - EMUI 5 to EMUI 8
Settings > Search for "Ignore battery optimization" > Touch the inverted triangle next to "Allow" > Touch "All apps" > select Simple In/Out > Select "Allow"

4). Battery Manager - EMUI 5+.  Your device may have some, all, or none of these options.  Check for each one.
Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Power plan > set to "Performance"
Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps > set Simple In/Out as "Protected"
Settings > Apps > Simple In/Out > Battery > Power-intensive prompt [uncheck] and Keep running after screen off [check]
Settings > Apps > Advanced (at the bottom) > Ignore optimizations > Press "Allowed" > Press "All apps" > find Simple In/Out > set to "Allow"

5). Special Access - Huawei P9 Plus
Settings > Apps > Settings > Special access > Ignore battery optimization > select "Allow" for Simple In/Out

6). Battery Launch - Huawei Honor 9 Lite and Huawei Mate 9 Pro
Settings > Battery > Launch > set Simple In/Out to "Manage manually" and make sure everything is turned on

7). Lock Screen Cleanup
Settings > Search for Lock Screen Cleanup > Make sure Simple In/Out is unchecked

8). HwPFWService and PowerGenie
Some Huawei devices come installed with something called "HwPFWService" or "PowerGenie" on newer models.  These two mechanisms very aggressively kill apps in the background (like Simple In/Out).  There is currently no way to disable this service or whitelist Simple In/Out.  You may be forced to update your status manually if your device has one of these installed.