Nokia Issues

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Nokia devices used to be some of the worst when it came to killing apps in the background.  Things have only slightly improved in recent years.


- Evenwell Powersaving
This is a service that was pre-installed on Nokia devices.  This service aggressively kills apps that are running in the background and prevents them from performing any actions.  If you are using a Nokia device running between Android 7.0 and Android 8.1, you are effected.  Nokia has removed this service from devices running Android 9.0.  Please check if your device is eligible for an OS update if it is not running Android 9.0.
We cannot permanently disable or whitelist our app from Evenwell Powersaving, so for now the solution is to either update to Android 9.0 or update your status manually if your automatic status updates are not working.

You can temporarily resolve the problem by killing the system service - but the service will likely turn itself back on after a few days or after your device restarts.  So you will have to remember to do this frequently.
- Settings > Apps > See all apps > Right top corner menu > Show system > find "Power saver" > select "Force close"

- DuraSpeed - Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 5.1
DuraSpeed is a system service similar to Evenwell Powersaving that was added to the Mediatek-based devices.  This service has no user-facing controls or whitelist.  This will terminate all background apps after a short time.  You will have to update your status manually if using one of these two devices.