What are Notifications?

Within Simple In/Out, there are a variety of different Notifications you can receive.  This is a great way to receive an alert on your phone when a certain action occurs.  Notifications are only available to organizations on a Pro plan with the exception of Automatic Status Update Notifications.

There are several different kinds of Notifications: 

  1. Automatic Status Update Notifications - Receive a notification when your device has triggered an Automatic Status Update.
  2. Followed User Notifications - Receive a notification on your phone when another user updates their status.  You have the option to follow all users or a subset of users.  Whenever a user that you follow updates their status, you will receive a notification on your phone.
  3. Safety Notifications - Use Safety Notifications to receive alerts about users if they have not checked IN or OUT by a designated time or after an amount of time.
  4. Reminder Notifications - Use Reminder Notifications to alert users who have not updated their status by a given time or after an amount of time.