Samsung Issues

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NOTE: This article has not yet been updated for the One UI 4 / Android 12 release.


Samsung is the most popular Android manufacturer.  Samsung devices have a feature that automatically 'puts apps to sleep' when they haven't been opened in a while.  Once the app has been put to sleep, it won't be able to run in the background until you open it again.  You may find that your Automatic Status Updates work correctly for a few days and then randomly stop working until you open the app again.  This is because Samsung has put the app to sleep.

Below we will go over instructions on how to stop Samsung from putting Simple In/Out to sleep or disable the sleep feature all together.

WARNING:  It has been reported that these settings can get 'reset' when there is an OS update.  If things are not working properly, double check it and make sure it has not been reset.

NOTE:  Not all Samsung devices are the same.  You may find that your automatic status updates work even if the app is not on the whitelist.  If the app has been whitelisted and you are still experiencing problems, please send us an email and we will help with troubleshooting.


- Unmonitored Apps
From within the Simple In/Out app, if you have a Geofence/Beacon/Network enabled, you can go to Settings > Automatic Status Updates > Troubleshooting > tap "Samsung Device Issues" and select "Resolve".  This will take you to the system screen where you need to resolve the problem.
Select "Unmonitored apps" > Select "Add apps" > Select "Simple In/Out" > Select Done

You can also access this screen through the device settings - see these screenshots from a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.

1). Go to your Device Settings and select "Device maintenance"

2). Select 'Battery' in the lower-left from the Device Maintenance screen

3). Select 'Unmonitored apps' from the Battery screen

4). Select 'Add apps' from the bottom or from the (three dots) in the top corner

5). Select 'Simple In/Out' and tap 'Done' in the top right corner

- Sleeping Apps
This solution applies to newer Samsung devices running newer versions of Android (for example, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 running Android 9.0 or higher).
It is recommended you only do this step if the above step did not solve your problems.

Go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Tap the (three dots) in the upper right > Settings > Disable all toggle switches (except Notifications) > Tap "Sleeping apps > Wake up all sleeping apps with the trashcan icon.

See these screenshots of this process on a Galaxy S10.

1). Go to Device Settings and select 'Device care'

2). Select 'Battery' in the lower-left of the Device Care screen

3). Tap the 3-dot menu in the upper right and select 'Settings'

4). Disable all switches (except Notifications).  It is very important that 'Put unused apps to sleep' and 'Auto disable unused apps' are both disabled.

5). Tap 'Sleeping apps'

6). Wake up all the apps using the trashcan icon