Samsung Issues on Android 7 & 8

This document covers Samsung devices running Android 7 and 8.

See here if you are running Android 9, Android 10, or Android 11.

See here if you are running Android 12 or higher.

Samsung devices have additional settings that may need to be configured if you are using Automatic Status Updates.
See here for introductory information about manufacturer specific issues.

If you notice that your app seems to stop updating your status automatically or if your status updates become significantly delayed, follow these steps so that the app does not get put to sleep in the background.

Resolving Samsung Issues...

Add Simple In/Out to the list of unmonitored apps.
See these screenshots from a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.

1). Go to your Device Settings and select "Device maintenance"

2).  Select 'Battery' in the lower-left from the Device Maintenance screen

3).  Select 'Unmonitored apps' from the Battery screen

4).  Select 'Add apps' from the bottom or from the (three dots) in the top corner

5).  Select 'Simple In/Out' and tap 'Done' in the top right corner

NOTE:  These settings may get 'reset' when you do an OS update.  You may have to set them again if they are reset.
NOTE:  Not all devices are the same.  The options in the screenshots might be labeled differently for each device.
NOTE:  Not all devices are the same.  You may find that your automatic status updates work even if the app is not on the whitelist.