What are Automatic Status Updates?

Automatic Status Updates are a great way to update your Simple In/Out status without doing anything.  Your status will be updated automatically when you enter or exit a location when you are carrying your device. You can also change your status automatically with our desktop apps based on your computer's activity. 

These feature is what really sets Simple In/Out apart from other products.  Just set up Automatic Status Updates on your device and that's it!

There are multiple ways you can update your status automatically:

  1. Geofences - Use your phone's location to update your status.  As the location of your device changes, we will check if you have entered or exited a Geofence and update your status accordingly.
  2. Beacons - Purchase a special Bluetooth device from us and it can be used to automatically update your status.  Plug the Bluetooth Beacon into the wall and enable it within the app.  If the phone can see the Beacon's Bluetooth signal you are marked IN and when it loses the Beacon's Bluetooth signal you are marked OUT.
  3. Networks - Android devices can check IN when they connect to a specific WiFi network and check OUT when they disconnect from that WiFi network.
  4. Desktop Presence - The Desktop app will detect when you are active or idle on your computer and will update your status accordingly. It will also update your status when you first launch the app and when you quit the app.

Here you can find more information and frequently asked questions about Automatic Status Updates and the underlying features.