Why do I need to change device settings to use automatic status updates?

Device Settings and Automatic Updates

In order to use Geofences, Beacons, or Networks you will be required to grant extra permissions or modify device settings.  We only will request the minimum amount of changes to make sure these features work consistently.  These permissions and settings can vary depending on the device you are using or the version of the operating system you are running.


In this example, we are trying to enable Networks.  In order to proceed, we must resolve the unresolved issues that are indicated with a red X.  So for this example, we can tap on the 'WiFi' row it will open up the WIFI settings on our device.  Once we have enabled WIFi from the device settings, the red X will go away and the button at the bottom will allow us to continue to the Network screen.

If you disable one of these device settings or permissions after Automatic Status Updates were enabled, the Automatic Status Updates will stop working consistently.  You can use the Troubleshooting Screen within the app (Settings -> Automatic Status Updates -> Troubleshooting) to double check and make sure your device is configured correctly.

Privacy, Location, Battery, and Mobile Data

We take your privacy and battery life very seriously.  We will never ask for more permissions or device settings than we require to use the feature consistently.  We have several other articles that discuss this information:

If you have additional questions or concerns, please emails us to let us know - help@simplymadeapps.com